Advertise Your Business (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are the “sponsored listings” visible at different spots of search engines as well as social media sites like Facbook, Youtube, LinkedIn and others. PPC model is an auction-based system that allows businesses to display adverts or buy ad spaces based on search terms entered by prospects.

You only have to pay each time a targeted visitor actually clicks (hence, pay per click) on your ad and lands on your website. The entire process requires constant monitoring and editing of the active campaigns with full vigilance.
Benefits of PPC Advertisements:
  • Start getting traffic and sales within “Minutes”
  • Precision targeted campaigns towards:
      • Specific country
      • State
      • City
      • Metro area
      • km/miles radius
      • Genders
      • Age groups
      • Social status
  • Keyword level “Conversion Tracking”
  • Targeting all the major search engines & web portals

    • How do we do it?
        Before you start using our PPC services, you need to be clear about your goals. These goals could fall between but are not limited to:
        • Brand awareness (traffic / hits)
        • Conversions (Sales)

        For both, we follow a simple "step by step" plan
      • Initial consultation and agreement
      • Keyword research / analysis
      • Account setup
      • Budget finalization
      • Campaign settings / GEO target / Ad scheduling / Frequency etc
      • Ad group creation
      • Ad copies creation (A/B Testing)
      • Bid management
      • Landing page optimization
      • Campaign monitoring & reporting
      • We Bring Traffic from the following networks

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